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I love stories. We all do. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to use them enough in our communication. I don’t just mean telling stories for fun. I mean telling stories to send ideas. Great ideas. Great ideas don’t reach the masses There are many great ideas that never reach us. Simply because they’re never told to… Read more »

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Remember when flight tickets cost more than bus and train tickets? That was only about 10 years ago. But then something weird happened. Flights became cheaper. A LOT cheaper. Cheaper than bus and train tickets sometimes. The cost of flight tickets was an entry barrier into the world of travel by flying. So when the cost went down,… Read more »

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Imagine a country where a king ruled. Now imagine the king died. Who becomes the new king? The prince of course! But let me ask you this: Why does the prince have to grow up and become the new king? Why not someone else? That question instantly exposes the way our society used to think…. Read more »

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Have you ever bought something then later regretted buying it? Or said something that you reaalllllyyy wished you could take back? Of course you have. We all have. One of the things that I personally fear the most is regret. So it was awesome when I found something out. Every time I used time-consistent values,… Read more »