It’s my personal thoughts on lifestyle design

I’m a pretty flexible guy in life. As long as it doesn’t go against a few core principles I’m okay with it. But I do think that life could be better. It seems everyone knows what a good life should be, it just seems that no one ever seems to use all those ideas. So I’ll try to use those ideas to design my own life.

How am I unique?

Brother, son, student, teacher, engineer, debater, basketballer, geek, reader, writer, recluse, public speaker and (most importantly) choc addict.

Where do I get my ideas?

A lot from my parents. My dad’s a wealth of information on getting the best out of life, and I often have talks with him on the issue. My mom has a no nonsense perspective on life (stick to your principles!) which always helps me reset my perspective.

Some from lifehacker. It constantly reminds me of things that can affect your life and how to get over them.

And finally just from observing people. I may not like to talk about people’s personal lives, but I love discussing about how people behave in general. I’ve found (as others have before me) that most people act the same under similar circumstances.

Why you probably shouldn’t listen to me?

Half the time I’ll never tell you what actually happened to me (internet is NOT the best place to keep a secret) and the other half, I’ll just outright lie. But that’s only the personal stuff.

All the good lifestyle design ideas are sound. After all, they’ve obviously been stolen from much greater minds.