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K | → 0 and Area(∂Ωk ) ≤ C for all k. Sets of finite perimeter are defined up to sets of measure zero. We normalize E so that ¯ ∩ Br (x) < |Br (x)| 0< E for all x ∈ E and r > 0 There is a well established theory for such sets. The classical reference is [13]. We will consider a set E ⊂ Rn × [0, +∞) that represents the shape of the drop. We denote (x, z) an arbitrary point with x ∈ Rn and z ∈ [0, +∞). Our energy functional reads Jε (E) = Area(∂E ∩ {z > 0}) − β z=0 x χE dx ε (2) (In the following, we will omit the ε in Jε unless it is necessary to stress it out).

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A Course in Combinatorial Optimization by Schrijver A.

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