A Political Chronology of Central, South, and East Asia by Ian Preston PDF

By Ian Preston

ISBN-10: 1857431146

ISBN-13: 9781857431148

Profiles the foremost political occasions within the histories of the nations of imperative, South and East Asia

* a person chronology for every nation of the region
* presents a concise profile of occasions from early historical past as much as the mid-twentieth century in addition to featuring larger aspect on more moderen occasions

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16 June 1981: It was announced that a presidential election would take place on 21 September. 6 September 1981: A general strike was called then cancelled by opposition groups after the Government announced deferral of the presidential election to 15 November; the opposition parties wanted more time to campaign. 21 September 1981: A state of emergency, which had been imposed after the assassination of President Zia, was officially terminated. 23 September 1981: Violent protests occurred against the execution in Dhaka of 12 army officers, who had been convicted of complicity in assassination of President Zia.

25 December 1915: A revolt broke out against Yuan, aided by Japan, which bribed and armed Yuan’s secret opponents, his own generals. Yuan later renounced his plans and died in June 1916. 1917–1927: During the ‘war-lord era’ a series of civil wars was fought between rival militarists, in order to gain control of revenues and of the Government in Beijing. 4 May 1919: In what later became known as the ‘May Fourth Movement’, students in Beijing rioted against the Government’s acceptance of a secret arrangement whereby Japan was to acquire the former German-leased port of Qingdao in Shandong (Shantung).

Literature flourished and Buddhism was introduced and disseminated widely. 618: The foundation of the Tang dynasty (618–907) reunited the empire on a lasting basis. The aristocratic military class gave way to a bureaucracy recruited by public examination open to all literates. 960: T’ai-tsu, the Inspector-General of the imperial forces, carried out a coup d’état and founded the Song dynasty (960–1279). Whereas other dynastic founders had eliminated threatening generals, Emperor T’ai-tsu (960–976) offered them honorary titles and pensions in exchange for their positions of command, and developed a civil service system.

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