A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms by Fa Hien, James Legge PDF

By Fa Hien, James Legge

ISBN-10: 1406516961

ISBN-13: 9781406516968

A recording of the chinese language Buddhist monk's travels to carry Buddhist scriptures to India and Sri Lanka among 399 and 412AD.

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9] Instead of "four," the Chinese copies of the text have "fourteen;" but the Corean reading is, probably, more correct. [10] There may have been, as Giles says, "maids of honour;" but the character does not say so. [11] The Sapta-ratna, gold, silver, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, rubies, diamonds or emeralds, and agate. See Sacred Books of the East (Davids' Buddhist Suttas), vol. , p. 249. [12] No doubt that of Sakyamuni himself. [13] A Bodhisattva is one whose essence has become intelligence; a Being who will in some future birth as a man (not necessarily or usually the next) attain to Buddhahood.

Or texts, laws or rules, and discussions. Dr. Rhys Davids objects to the designation of "metaphysics" as used of the abhidharma works, saying that "they bear much more the relation to 'dharma' which 'by-law' bears to 'law' than that which 'metaphysics' bears to 'physics'" (Hibbert Lectures, p. 49). However this be, it was about the vinaya works that Fa-hien was chiefly concerned. He wanted a good code of the rules for the government of "the Order" in all its internal and external relations. [5] Lung embraced the western part of Shen-se and the eastern part of Kan-suh.

E. , p. 152. [5] Maitreya (Spence Hardy, Maitri), often styled Ajita, "the Invincible," was a Bodhisattva, the principal one, indeed, of Sakyamuni's retinue, but is not counted among the ordinary (historical) disciples, nor is anything told of his antecedents. It was in the Tushita heaven that Sakyamuni met him and appointed him as his successor, to appear as Buddha after the lapse of 5000 years. , p. " The name means "gentleness" or "kindness;" and this will be the character of his dispensation.

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