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By Joey Lott

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ISBN-13: 9780596004903

If you have to get the activity performed quick, you are going to achieve for this sensible, nuts-n-bolts toolkit. instead of targeting ActionScript within the summary, this Cookbook places concept into perform with ready-made solutions to universal ActionScript difficulties. Flash MX builders can clear up matters speedy, whereas studying useful options for resolving related dilemmas sooner or later. ActionScript has blossomed right into a huge and demanding language whose sheer quantity of functions will be daunting. The ActionScript Cookbook breaks all of it down into projects which are appropriate, sensible, and insightful. attractive to the budding coder in addition to the skilled ActionScript jockeys, this booklet deals new views and ways to ActionScript improvement that might empower all builders. This O'Reilly Cookbook enhances ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive advisor, second version by way of delivering quickly strategies to universal ActionScript difficulties. This publication trades on our revered "Cookbook" technique, which supplies a worked-out script for each challenge addressed. you should use those "recipes" to resolve an instantaneous challenge, after which discover the difficulty additional within the Definitive advisor whilst time allows.

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Once you have added this code to a new movie's main timeline, test the movie in the Standalone Player. Experiment by scaling the Player and clicking on the different buttons to see the effects. as" ) method. // Create a movie clip and draw a rectangle in it. The rectangle is 550 x 400 (the // dimensions of the default movie), and it is positioned so that the upper-left // corner of the rectangle is at (0,0) within the Stage. This movie clip allows you // to see the boundaries of the Stage when the movie is scaled.

When you access the function from the same timeline, you do not need to include the target path, but when you want to access the function from another timeline, you need to make sure you provide the correct path. // Explicitly invoke a function that is defined on the main timeline. myFunction( ); If your function is used within the same timeline only, you don't need to worry about scope issues. However, if you intend to use the function throughout many timelines, two solutions are generally employed: • Define the function as a global function.

But any value specified after the return keyword is returned to script that invoked the function. Usually, the returned value is stored in a variable for later use: Part I: Local Recipes 41 42 Part I: Local Recipes function average (a, b) { // Return the average of a and b. return (a + b)/2; } var playerScore ; // Call the average( ) function and store the result in a variable. playerScore = average(6, 12); // Use the result in some way. trace("The player's average score is " + playerScore); You can use the return value of a function, without storing it in a variable, by passing it as a parameter to another function: trace("The player's average score is " + average(6, 12)); Note, however, that if you do nothing with the return value of the function, the result is effectively lost.

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