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If you compare the final result with the original image you will see that the blurred background certainly does look more convincing. The bright sky has made the light appear to flare around the trunks of the palm trees and the bright highlight points in the image have been boosted to form out-of-focus lens iris shapes. And by using a depth map, parts of the table appear just slightly out of focus as well. Tutorial ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS TIPS AND TRICKS 44 Looking Through a Glass Looking Through a Glass Doc Baumann Adapted from “DOCMA - Doc Baumanns Magazin fuer digitale Bildbearbeitung”, online-edition, Autumn 2003.

In this example, as the value is lowered the filter will gradually apply more blur to the image based on the tonal gradation within the alpha channel that is selected here. Basically, the depth map is being used to create a very shallow depth of field with the focus dropping off behind as well as in front of the plant. Tutorial ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS TIPS AND TRICKS 43 Working with Lens Blur Notice also the bright highlights in the dialog preview. These show as iris-shaped highlights that are controlled in the Iris section.

Since the Photo Filters are Image Adjustment Layers you have the additional advantage of being able to adjust their strength with the layer opacity, layer blending modes, and control where the corrections take place with layer masks. We’re not suggesting that you take bad pictures on purpose—but now you will be able to improve those photos that didn’t turn out the way you expected. Tutorial ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS TIPS AND TRICKS 37 Gif Animation: Swipe Effect Gif Animation: Swipe Effect Michael Baumgardt Michael Baumgardt is Germany’s most respected and well-known author on Web Design and Desktop Publishing.

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