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By Tammo tom Dieck

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This booklet is a jewel– it explains very important, beneficial and deep themes in Algebraic Topology that you just won`t locate in other places, rigorously and in detail."""" Prof. Günter M. Ziegler, TU Berlin

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If an orthogonal array is linear then it follows from elementary linear algebra that N = sn for some integer n ~ O. The number n, the dimension of the vector space formed by the runs, is called the dimension of the array. Linear orthogonal arrays have two advantages over orthogonal arrays that do not have this property. (1) They have a very succinct description, for it is enough to give a basis for the vector space formed by the rows. This basis is usually given in the form of an n X k matrix called a generator matrix, whose rows are the basis.

Some runs in a putative OA( 83 ,8 + 2, 8, 3). 000 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 * ... * 1 1 * ... * Since the array has strength 3 and index unity, for each of the last 8 factors exactly one of the stars will be equal to O. Since 8 is odd, the total number of O's in the runs with the first two factors at level 1 will be odd. Hence at least one of the runs containing the stars will have an odd number of coincidences with the run in which all factors are at level O. But that contradicts the fact that (apart from Ao(u)) only Ak(U) and Ak-2(U) are positive.

For each m E {I, 2, ... , u} and each ordered m-tuple (il,i2, ,im ), where i j E {I,2, ... ,s -I}, we define an N x (:,) matrix H(i 1 , i2, , i m ). We start by labeling its rows and columns. The columns are labeled by the (:,) m-subsets of {I, 2, ... , k}, and the rows by 1,2, ... , N. An entry of H( ill i2, ... (,fn ;i2~ ... ,i'ffl) )' where the subscripts refer to the corresponding row and column labels, respectively. To avoid any 14 Chapter 2. Rao's Inequalities and Improvements ambiguity, we assume that the t'i'S are ordered so that t'1 < t'2 < ...

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