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FEt moi, . . . . sifavait sucommenten rcvenir, One carrier arithmetic has rendered the jen'yseraispointall: human race. It hasput rommon senseback JulesVerne whereit belongs, at the topmost shelf subsequent tothedustycanisterlabelled'discardednon Theseriesis divergent; thereforewemaybe sense'. ahletodosomethingwithit. EricT. Bell O. Heaviside Mathematicsisatoolforthought. Ahighlynecessarytoolinaworldwherebothfeedbackandnon linearitiesabound. equally, allkindsofpartsofmathematicsserveastoolsforotherpartsandfor othersciences. Applyinga simplerewritingrule to thequoteon theright aboveonefinds suchstatementsas: 'One provider topology hasrenderedmathematicalphysics . . . '; 'Oneservicelogichasrenderedcom puterscience . . . ';'Oneservicecategorytheoryhasrenderedmathematics . . . '. Allarguablytrue. And allstatementsobtainablethiswayformpartoftheraisond'etreofthisseries. This sequence, arithmetic and Its purposes, all started in 1977. Now that over 100 volumeshaveappeareditseemsopportunetoreexamineitsscope. AtthetimeIwrote "Growing specialization and diversification have introduced a bunch of monographs and textbooks on more and more really expert issues. despite the fact that, the 'tree' of information of arithmetic and comparable fields doesn't develop in basic terms through puttingforth new branches. It additionally occurs, quiteoften actually, that branches that have been idea to becompletely disparatearesuddenly seento berelated. additional, thekindandlevelofsophistication of arithmetic utilized in numerous sciences has replaced tremendously in recent times: degree idea is used (non-trivially)in regionaland theoretical economics; algebraic geometryinteractswithphysics; theMinkowskylemma, codingtheoryandthestructure of water meet each other in packing and protecting thought; quantum fields, crystal defectsand mathematicalprogrammingprofit from homotopy concept; Liealgebras are relevanttofiltering; andpredictionandelectricalengineeringcanuseSteinspaces. and also to this there are such new rising subdisciplines as 'experimental mathematics', 'CFD', 'completelyintegrablesystems', 'chaos, synergeticsandlarge-scale order', whicharealmostimpossibletofitintotheexistingclassificationschemes. They drawuponwidelydifferentsectionsofmathematics. " via andlarge, all this stillapplies this present day. Itis nonetheless truethatatfirst sightmathematicsseemsrather fragmented and that to discover, see, and take advantage of the deeper underlying interrelations extra attempt is neededandsoarebooks thatcanhelp mathematiciansand scientistsdoso. therefore MIA will continuetotry tomakesuchbooksavailable. If something, the outline I gave in 1977 is now an irony.

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There are necessary some further remarks concerning the practical realization of the described decomposition method: (i) (ii) (iii) The efficiency of the approach depends on the degree of the decomposition of G into subgraphs Gk' In the worst case there is an exponential dependence between # (Cmin) and n (Picard & Queyranne 1980). To describe the feasible solutions of the subproblems we can restrict to basic solutions. If the subgraph is sufficiently small we can use an algorithm of Gallo & Sodini (1979) to enumerate all neighbored extreme flows (flows which correspond to extreme points in the polyhedron X).

2. it follows the existence of a cycle L in R(X) with negative costs c(L) < O. By the definition of E - optimality and using n'E < 1 implies c(L) ~ ~ (i,j)EL+ (t(i,j)-E) + ~ (i,j)EL- (-t(i,j)-E) ~ ~ Since (i,j)EL charij(L) ·t(i,j) - n'E > 0 - 1. the costs are integers, the cost of the cycle must be at o. least • procedure SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION begin compute a feasible flow x E X for all i E V do p(i) := 0 E : = max (c (i, j): (i, j) E A} repeat begin E := E/2 [XE,PE] := REFINE[x2E,P2E,E] end until end E < l/n The algorithm SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION of Goldberg & Tarjan (1987) starts by finding an approximate solution with E = max (abs(c(i,j»: (i,j) E A).

6. Graph G -----{0 1 \ @ IA\ 70 " \ (V,A) with indicated minimum cuts. From Lemma AO. 7. •• ,4. 4. we can describe the optimal solutions of MF using feasible solutions of corresponding subproblems. In the case of the above example we assume a maximal flow resulting in the following capacity intervals according to (12): (1,2) : [0,2) (5,8) : [-3,0) (1,3) : [-2,0) (5,9) : [0,5) (1,4) : [0,4) (3,4) : [0,1) (6,10): [0,2) (7,10): [-3,0) (7,11): [0,3) (10,11): [-2,0] (10,14): [0,2) (13,14): [0,3). CH~R2 For sUbgraphs G1 and G3 there are two basic solutions in both cases.

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