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By Bruno Latour

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In this new booklet, Bruno Latour deals solutions to questions raised in We Have by no means Been sleek, a paintings that interrogated the connections among nature and tradition. If now not glossy, he requested, what have we been, and what values should still we inherit? over the last twenty-five years, Latour has constructed a learn protocol varied from the actor-network conception with which his identify is now associated--a examine protocol that follows the different sorts of connectors that offer particular fact stipulations. those are the connectors that suggested a weather scientist challenged via a captain of to attract the institution of technological know-how, with its military of researchers and mountains of knowledge, instead of to "capital-S Science" as a better authority. Such modes of extension--or modes of life, Latour argues here--account for the numerous changes among legislation, technological know-how, politics, and different domain names of knowledge.

notwithstanding medical wisdom corresponds to just one of many many attainable modes of life Latour describes, an unrealistic imaginative and prescient of technology has develop into the arbiter of truth and fact, seducing us into judging all values through a unmarried commonplace. Latour implores us to recuperate different modes of lifestyles with a purpose to do justice to the plurality of fact stipulations that Moderns have stumbled on all through their heritage. This systematic attempt of creating a brand new philosophical anthropology provides a very diverse view of what Moderns were, and gives a brand new foundation for commencing diplomatic encounters with different societies at a time whilst all societies are dealing with ecological crisis.

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What is coming? What is it that is arriving unexpectedly, something they seem not to have anticipated? “Gaia,” the “Anthropocene” era, the precise name hardly matters, something in any case that has deprived them forever of the fundamental distinction between Nature and Society by means of which they were establishing their system of coordinates, one step at a time. Starting from this event, everything has become more complicated for them. ” From this point on, the past has an altered form, since it is no more archaic that what lies ahead.

If it is really a matter of war, then let war be declared; in particular, let its objectives be defined so that we can finally figure out how to end it. This descriptive project is useful in itself, since if it were to be successfully completed, it would allow us to provide comparative anthropology with a standard that would no longer be a fantasy (as was the advent of Reason) and that would not be, either, a negative or simply critical version of the goal of modernization. But it is useful in another way, too: if we were finally to learn what “we” Moderns have really been, we could renegotiate that “we” from top to bottom— and thus also renegotiate what we might become with the “others,” as we face the new horizon of Gaia.

Because it seems to me that an experience, provided that it is pursued with care, can be shared, whereas the alternative 11 • Introduction formulation that I offer of that experience cannot be—in any case, not at the outset. The study of scientific practices that I have been carrying out for so long can serve as an example: I have rarely heard critiques of the descriptions that “science studies” has given of scientific networks (on the contrary, the veracity of these descriptions has always been recognized, as if, after Harvey, we had discovered the veins and arteries of the scholarly bloodstream).

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