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By Omer Cabrera

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Desk of Contents
Chapter 1 - Symmetry
Chapter 2 - crew (Mathematics)
Chapter three - staff Action
Chapter four - normal Polytope
Chapter five - Lie element Symmetry

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E. application of the operation • to n copies of a. ) In infinite groups, such an n may not exist, in which case the order of a is said to be infinity. The order of an element equals the order of the cyclic subgroup generated by this element. More sophisticated counting techniques, for example counting cosets, yield more precise statements about finite groups: Lagrange's Theorem states that for a finite group G the order of any finite subgroup H divides the order of G. The Sylow theorems give a partial converse.

So an equilateral triangles is {3}, a square {4}, and so on indefinitely. A regular star polygon which winds m times around its centre is denoted by the fractional value {n/m}, where n and m are co-prime, so a regular pentagram is {5/2}.  A regular polyhedron having faces {n} with p faces joining around a vertex is denoted by {n, p}. The nine regular polyhedra are {3, 3} {3, 4} {4, 3} {3, 5} {5, 3} {3, 5/2} {5/2, 3} {5, 5/2} and {5/2, 5}. {p} is the vertex figure of the polyhedron.  A regular polychoron or polycell having cells {n, p} with q cells joining around an edge is denoted by {n, p, q}.

An infinite cyclic group is isomorphic to (Z, +), the group of integers under addition introduced above. As these two prototypes are both abelian, so is any cyclic group. The study of abelian groups is quite mature, including the fundamental theorem of finitely generated abelian groups; and reflecting this state of affairs, many group-related notions, such as center and commutator, describe the extent to which a given group is not abelian. Symmetry groups Symmetry groups are groups consisting of symmetries of given mathematical objects—be they of geometric nature, such as the introductory symmetry group of the square, or of algebraic nature, such as polynomial equations and their solutions.

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