Argonauts of the Western Pacific (Routledge Classics) by Bronislaw Malinowski PDF

By Bronislaw Malinowski

ISBN-10: 1317677544

ISBN-13: 9781317677543

Bronislaw Malinowski’s pathbreaking Argonauts of the Western Pacific is straight away an in depth account of trade within the Melanesian islands and a manifesto of a modernist anthropology. Malinowski argued that the target of which the ethnographer shouldn't ever lose sight is ‘to clutch the native’s perspective, his relation to existence, to understand his imaginative and prescient of his world.’ via bright evocations of Kula lifestyles, together with the construction and launching of canoes, fishing expeditions and the position of fantasy and magic among the Kula humans, Malinowski brilliantly describes an inter-island procedure of trade - from presents from father to son to swapping fish for yams - round which a whole group revolves. A vintage of anthropology that did a lot to set up the primacy of painstaking fieldwork over the sooner anecdotal experiences of commute writers, newshounds and missionaries, it's a compelling perception right into a global now principally misplaced from view.   With a brand new foreword through Adam Kuper.

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