Alan H. Welch, Kenneth G. Stollenwerk's Arsenic in Ground Water: Geochemistry and Occurrence PDF

By Alan H. Welch, Kenneth G. Stollenwerk

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This booklet consolidates a lot of what's recognized in regards to the geochemistry of arsenic and gives new info on relationships among excessive concentrations of arsenic in flooring water and geochemical environments. the subject material of this e-book levels in scope from molecular-scale geochemical methods that have an effect on the mobility of arsenic in floor water, to arsenic infected floor water on the nationwide scale. Chapters have been contributed by way of a world team of study scientists from a huge diversity of backgrounds.

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2. Claudetite and arsenolite are products of weathering of several arsenic sulfide minerals, of native arsenic, and of scorodite. 1. Arsenic thermodynamic data and environmental geochemistry 25 3. Claudetite and arsenolite are stable in equilibrium with waters of high pH. 4. Orpiment is more stable than realgar at standard state conditions and is stable in equilibrium with waters of low pH. 5. Orpiment and realgar can form under a wide variety of conditions that include hydrothermal mineralization, hot spring environments, mine fire sublimates, and fumarolic encrustations.

He calculated approximate equilibrium constants for formation of , , and . Finally, he showed that the assumptions of species and values of the equilibrium constants nearly quantitatively represented the dependence of Foerster and Pressprich’s (1927) emf measurements on the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the solution. Consequently, there were unaccounted species with different activities in Foerster and Pressprich’s (1927) measurement cells and the lack of accounting of these species may have compromised the determination of determined for eq 5 in some thermodynamic compilations.

15 K in solutions with the presence and absence of added sulfide. He gave equilibrium constants for the reaction: at the four temperatures. The heat capacity of the reaction was estimated, from values of the heat capacities given in Archer and Nordstrom (in press), and where we have assumed that the heat capacity of the amorphous material is approximately equal to that of the crystalline material. 15 1. 7 . g. Krupp, 1990; Spycher and Reed, 1989). We had believed this controversy to have been settled recently by Helz et al.

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