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This appears to be the case elsewhere, too. In Australia, where young children m a y live with their mothers in prisons, there are n o w calls for day-care facilities so that the w o m e n can have improved access to education [272]. Because of the relatively low numbers of potential female students, it can be more difficult, on grounds of cost, to provide a wide range of courses, but this does not m e a n , to paraphrase the criticism m a d e by S a n d e m a n [227], that hairdressing is an appropriate universal answer to w o m e n ' s future employment needs.

The importance of this has been recognized in the introduction of joint "sentence planning" between the prison system and the offender in the United Kingdom, which assures s o m e consequentiality in an individual's programme of education, training and work, within the limits of what is available either in the host institution or in an establishment to which the offender might be transferred. The concept is not n e w : Sandeman [227], for example, had already referred to the desirability of introducing "individual programme planning" in Canadian prisons, especially for women.

In the context of imprisonment, inmates m a y not feel they need to acquire or improve their literacy unless the institutional environment m a k e s them aware of their inability to function to their o w n satisfaction. Within such an environment, according to Black and Rouse [28], immediately perceived needs m a y be the writing of letters to family, filling in forms to buy personal supplies, applying for prison benefits, or formal requests for legal redress or review. Vocational needs can also be felt more than literacy and other academic learning needs.

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