I’ve been trying out the Reponsive WordPress theme by Emil Uzelac. It’s pretty awesome and almost completely fulfilled my website needs.

Some of the things I want in a theme:

  1. Fixed maximum width. Pages are thin horizontally for a reason. It also looks more minimal rather than taking up the whole page sideways. It’s especially bad when you have a widescreen monitor and the the whole text just stretches across the whole screen. It becomes so tiring to read then.
  2. Responsive design. Allows small-screen devices including phones (iphone & android) as well as tablets (ipad & android) to view the website using the original style while still adjusting itself so that it’s easier to read. It’s the new trend in website design this year.
  3. Minimal use of images. The website underlying structure is almost completely free from the use of images. It uses pure css for most stuff, using images only for the header, the background and the social icons (twitter/facebook/rss). Why do I want this you ask? To increase the website speed because images take time to download. And also just because it’s cool and elegant to code it that way.
  4. Elegant design. Some websites fit all the technical aspects of being well-designed except that… it’s not. Not well-designed that is. The code looks fine but the website looks horrible. That’s in large part due to the lack of images. Most websites fall apart the moment you can’t use images in the background or to make some shading. It just looks like a newspaper (pure text).
  5. Well-supported. In software, support is king. Having timely updates is one of the best ways to determine if a program/software is worth buying. And this theme, even though free, has one of the best support that I’ve ever seen. Any problem I have and I can ask him and he’ll answer within a day! Brilliant.

I’ve made a couple of tweaks on the theme and I’m using it now on my website. I realize that it’s not that different from the main theme, but these were the changes I needed and they were enough for me. If anyone would like to use the child theme I made, here it is.

I call it “Monochrome Sands”:

Screenshot for the Monochrome Sands Theme


To be able to use it, you must also install the Responsive wordpress theme. The easiest way is to  go to Themes > Install Themes and then search for the term “responsive”. It should be the first result.

Reminder: This is a wordpress child theme. Thus, it won’t work unless you also install the Responsive parent theme.

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